Wedding Venues Melbourne

Brienf Guide For Finding The Best Wedding Venues In Melbourne

RocchiIf you need a venue for your wedding party, you need to be aware that the best locations are the first to get booked, so it’s a good idea to start searching for the best ones as soon as you said “yes” to your spouse to be.

This is the best tip you can get when seeking for wedding venues in or around Melbourne: start your search early, especially if your weeding day has some special meaning. You can expect a lot of couples to want to get married in the same meaningful day, thus making it hard to find a good venue that doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Internet is a good place to start your search. There are comprehensive wedding directories that list lots of venues, together with detailed descriptions and user reviews, so you can easily put together a nice shortlist without even moving from your desk.

In order to choose the best wedding venue, you have to know approximately how many people are going to attend your event. There are awesome venues in Melbourne that look and feel fabulous, but if they can only host 100 people when you have 150 guests, they aren’t going to work. Conversely, if you book a huge venue for only a handful of people, you might need to pay a little fortune without having the nice and cozy feeling of a wedding party.

Thew other important thing to consider is that the venue has to match the theme of your wedding. If you want a romantic wedding, it’s a good idea to book a ballroom or a nice lawn in a stunning landscape. If you feel like going for a fancy setting, the Witchmount Estate Function and Convention Center has everything you need to have the celebration of your life. For a special countryside experience, you’d probably be happier with something like the Marybrooke Manor, a beautiful house in the Tudor style, a place where you can also book rooms for your guests.

If you want something closer to Melbourne, you should take a look at venues like the Port Melbourne Yacht Club or the All Smiles New Quay Docklands. These two are probably the most spectacular waterfront wedding venues Melbourne you can possibly find in Australia.

Anyway, the main ideas to remember are to be focused on what you really want in terms of size and style. You also need to start your search early, as the sooner you ask, the more chances you have to find availabilities on your planned wedding date. Before booking anything, it’s also good to try and find some reviews of other customers who had wedding receptions. This is how you can find out first hand if there’s anything wrong, so that you can take appropriate action. As prices also matter, always try to negotiate, but be careful not to go too far, as there might be other couples willing to pay more, so you might find yourself left without your favorite wedding venue.

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